Lesson 20: Our Only True Hope (31-32)

This week we are focusing on Isaiah 31-32. The following are some study suggestions to help you get started.


  1. Read through Isaiah 31-32.
  2. Meditate on and/or journal the answers to the following questions.
    1. What does this passage teach me about God and His character?
    2. How does this aspect of God’s character change my view of myself?
    3. What should I do in response?


  1. Once again, God is warning His people not to put their trust in an alliance with Egypt. This alliance will never protect them from Assyria. In God alone is their salvation. As you read Isaiah 31, think about the following:
    1. What do you learn about Egypt? Why does Judah rely on them for protection? What do these verses add to your understanding (Deut. 17:14-16; Ps. 20:7; Ps. 33:17)? (Note: They were written about 700 years before Isaiah!)
    2. You will find two similes in verses 4-5 where God is compared to two animals. What do you learn about God through these comparisons?
    3. What will happen to Assyria according to verses 8-9? (Check out 2 Kings 19:32-37 to see how God fulfilled His words!)
  2. Isaiah is filled with warnings for disobedience, yet speaks of future hope. As you read Isaiah 32, think about the following:
    1. Isaiah speaks of the coming Messiah King. What do you learn about him and his kingdom? What effect will he have on his people?
    2. Complacent women are warned of disaster in verses 9-14. What does it mean to be ‘complacent’? Does this describe you? Why or why not?

GOING DEEPER (optional): For further teaching and application, do one or more of the following:

“…He [Jesus] will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”   ~Matthew 3:11~