Our Mission

Our Mission

We strive to develop and multiply fully devoted followers of Christ who love God intimately, love believers effectively and love the lost compassionately. That is:

Multiplying Followers of Christ

Our Vision

We will be committed to following God as He has revealed Himself in the Bible, the inspired Word of God. We will proclaim that a right relationship with God is possible by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our times of corporate worship will be inspiring, God-honoring and spiritually nourishing, spurring us to live out lives of worship on a daily basis.

Community within our church body will be lived out primarily through small groups. Our small groups will be healthy and vibrant, developing personal relationships in which spiritual growth, support, and ministry to others are intentional and effective results. Our loyalty to true Christian community will cause us to move beyond relational isolation to connecting our lives together in genuine Christian unity, sharing our hearts and lives with each other.

We will intentionally seek to develop within the individuals of our church body, the desire, knowledge, and skills to introduce others within their sphere of influence to a life with Christ.

Our primary mission field will be the Sauk Prairie area. We will develop relationships through which we can introduce people to Christ so that they might believe in Christ, belong to our community, and bless others with their life and service. We will also actively engage with cross-cultural and international missions, seeking to support God’s global work.

Our children and youth ministries will be vibrant and relevant, providing sound teaching, engaging activities, and service opportunities, which enhance young people’s understanding and desire for a lifelong relationship with Christ.

Our leadership community will consist of spiritually healthy, actively engaged men and women, fully committed to seeking and following God’s direction.  Our leadership community will develop new and future leaders by training, mentoring, and empowering others.

Adopted by Elder Board, 2011

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