Mission Highlights

Enrique (Quique) and Becky Fernandez – as Director of Institutional Relations, they have an online school for training pastors in Latin America (ProMETA). 


  • For seven graduate students of ProMETA that have started their Doctoral studies in Ministry this past February. Very few people in Latin America have the opportunity to study at this academic level.  
  • During the Minnesota winter, we were able to spend two months in Guatemala with family. During that time, God also gave us several ministry opportunities, for which we are thankful.  
  • For ministry opportunities in our local Latino church: teaching, training and mentoring preachers, women’s Bible study, pastoral care.  

Prayer Requests  

  • Pray for the seven students enrolled in the DM program. Each one has many other responsibilities: family, jobs, local ministry and teaching in ProMETA; and for their financial income to be able to pay for their training.  
  • For Quique as he continues to mentor the person that will substitute him as Director of the Department in ProMETA.  
  • For ProMETA’s financial sustainability. We pray and plan for growth, but that brings the need for paid staff. We have many missionary volunteer staff as professors, department deans, which is a blessing, but need to add personnel to the other institutional departments.  
  • For God’s wisdom as we shepherd others in their walk with God and everyday life.  
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