Lesson 35: God’s Commitment to God is His Assurance to Us (48:1-8)

We now come to the last chapter in this section of Isaiah (chapters 40-48). This week we are focusing on Isaiah 48:1-8. The following are some study suggestions to help you get started.


  1. Read through Isaiah 48:1-8.
  2. Meditate on and/or journal the answers to the following questions.
    1. What does this passage teach me about God and His character?
    2. How does this aspect of God’s character change my view of myself?
    3. What should I do in response?


  1. Read Isaiah 48:1-8.
    1. How does God describe His people?
    2. Why does God predict the future and cause it to come to pass?
    3. Are His people listening to Him or ignoring Him?
  2. God now is predicting “new things” (v.6), mainly the coming of His servant, Cyrus, who will conquer Babylon and bring Israel out of physical bondage (v.14-15). Doesn’t this sound like Egypt?!
    1. Read Isaiah 48:9-11. Why does God restrain His anger and instead show compassion on His people by bringing them out of captivity? (See also Ezekiel 36:16-36 for more insight!)
    2. Read Isaiah 48:12-22. What does God call His people to do and what is their response?
  3. In the end of Isaiah 48, there is no difference between deliverance out of Egypt, and deliverance out of Babylon. In both cases, Israel rejects God and His plans. They have no change of heart. They remain wicked as a nation, yet God remains faithful to His promises. This sets the stage for The Servant who will save not only Israel, but all nations from their spiritual bondage to sin. More on this Servant next week! Meanwhile, rest in God’s steadfast love and faithfulness toward you!

GOING DEEPER (optional): For further teaching and application, do one or more of the following:

  • Read chapter 35, God’s Commitment to God is His Assurance to Us (48:1-8)” in Isaiah: God Saves Sinners or listen to Ray Ortlund’s sermon series on line. (Most of the sermons correspond to the chapters in his book.)
  • Listen to the sermon(s) from Pastor Liam Goligher’s sermon series on Isaiah that go along with this week’s reading.