Lesson 1: Introduction to Isaiah (1:1)

Welcome to the first week in our study of Isaiah. If you haven’t read the quick reference entitled “Getting Started in Personal Bible Study”, I suggest that you begin there. This week we are going to dip our toes in the pond before taking the plunge! Getting an overview of Isaiah will be helpful in understanding the book. It is important to understand the historical and cultural context so that you can properly interpret and apply what the Lord is saying to us through Isaiah. The following are some study suggestions for this week:

  1. Read Isaiah 1:1 and the overview and outline of Isaiah in your study Bible. If you don’t have a study Bible, you can find an overview online. The following are some suggestions:

Note: If you are a visual learner, these 2 short videos produced by The Bible Project are excellent!

  1. Thought questions. (Feel free to journal your thoughts, or simply meditate on them.):
    1. What do you know about Isaiah at the beginning of our study?
    2. How do you picture God at this point in our study?
    3. How would you describe God to a friend?
    4. What one knew thing has God taught you this week?

GOING DEEPER (optional): For further teaching and application, do one or more of the following:

Share what the Lord is teaching you with someone else! Feel free to use the discussion board to post questions or thoughts and interact with others. Reminder! This is your time in the Word. Do what time permits in your season of life. That might look different from week to week. God’s Word NEVER comes back void!

NOTE: After this Introduction week, every lesson will fit on one piece of paper and will be divided into three sections:


For those who may not have much time for study, but would like to simply read and meditate on the verses in Isaiah for the week


For those who have more time for personal Bible study


Suggestions for anyone who would like to receive some teaching and application on Isaiah