Church Directory

It’s been two years since we have updated GraceWay’s pictorial directory and there have been a lot of changes during that time. We are beginning the process of producing an updated directory and are now offering an alternative to our typical printed directory: a digital directory. The digital directory allows you to easily update your personal/family information, as needed. A digital directory would also save the church the cost of paper, printing and time.

The digital pictorial directory will/can:

  • Allow you to set up your own password-protected account (a password you create) that enables you to update your own/your family’s directory profile. The ability for you to update your own account helps keep GraceWay’s database and directory up-to-date.
  • The password-protected account you create will have a link to GraceWay’s pictorial directory that is easy to access/navigate on your mobile phone or computer.
  • When you click on the link to the GraceWay directory, you will be prompted to enter a church-supplied password to access the directory.

None of the steps listed above can be completed without a link or invite provided by GraceWay Church. When someone leaves the church who has access to the digital directory, their access is disabled.

What we need from you: