Growth Groups

Growth Group Update
Due to COVID-19, there will be no official Growth Group sign-ups this fall. Some groups that have met in the past are beginning to get together in various ways. Contact the church office for more information. Click here for more information on regathering the church.

What are Growth Groups?

Looking for fellowship? Want to connect with others? Spiritual growth doesn’t take place in a vacuum. It requires nourishment and tender loving care. At GraceWay Church that takes place in a Growth Group.

The purpose of a Growth Group is not only to study God’s word, but to help develop personal relationships where we support and minister to one another. God does not intend us to walk this life alone. Through these groups we live life together – the good times and the tough times – sharing our hearts and lives with each other.

Growth Groups come in all shapes and sizes at GraceWay. Some are multi-generational (all ages) and some focus on certain stages of life (for example, young families). Groups are small in size (10-12 people) to encourage sharing and connection. Groups meet weekly and include fellowship time, prayer, and Bible study, which is based on each week’s sermon.

Interested in joining a Growth Group?

Please contact the contact the church office at (608) 643-6064 to learn more about the different groups.

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